State Farm's Driver Feedback App Turns Your iPhone Into The Backseat Driver You Never Wanted

Believe it or not, peeling out at every stoplight and drifting around corners isn’t generally considered safe driving.

If you drive like a jerk and want an iPhone app to tell you just how jerk-like your driving is, Statefarm has your back. Today, they’re launching an app called Driver Feedback [iTunes Link] which, as you may have gathered from the name, gives you feedback on your driving. By polling the accelerometer while you cruise around, it gives you a score based on your acceleration, cornering, and braking — the better you drive, the higher you score. After each “trip” you can view your route on a map to see your worst offenses.

Countdown until some dumb kids battle each other for the lowest score on the route to school: 5..4…3…

(I’ve heard that they were going to change their jingle to “Like a good neighhbor, State Farm’s iPhone app is going to nag at you for driving too fast”, but it just didn’t have the same ring to it)