Motorola Droid X2 Press Shots Leak, To Be Known As "Droid X2"

At this point, the Droid X2 is about as secret as the fact that beef jerky makes fantastic road trip food. We knew it was going to look almost exactly like its predecessor, the Droid X, all the way back in January. By March, we had photographic evidence — and by last week, we had video.

Still, just because we know just about everything there is to know about a handset doesn’t mean we can’t nerd out a bit when the official stuff starts leaking. And the first official VZW materials to hit the leak circuits? The press photos, as acquired by PocketNow. These shots primarily just confirm what we already knew (the oh-so-subtle color change from “black” to “really, really dark grey”, and the removal of the dedicated camera button), with one tiny tweak: officially, the name isn’t the Droid X2 — it’s the Droid X2, as in “X to the power of two” or “X squared”.

Screw that, I’m still calling it the X2.