Sony Sells 8 Million Moves, 50 Million PS3s Worldwide

Things are going great for Sony. It settled that icky business with GeoHot, and now it’s flying high on the sales of its PS3 and accessories. The Move, which came out last September, has now sold 8 million units as of April 3. Compare this to Microsoft’s Kinect, which sold a cool 10 million units as of early March.

The Sharp Shooter, the little gun-thing for the Move that has no relation to the Bret Hart maneuver, has a 40 percent attach rate with sales of Killzone 3 at “key retailers.” Who are these “key retailers”? C’est un mystère!

Oh, and there’s now 50 million PS3s out there worldwide.

Just a sales tidbit, is all.

And slightly unrelated, I’ve also noticed that the console versions of Portal 2 have leaked, but it’s PC gamers that are killing gaming, right? (Wrong.)