RankAbove Offers Start-up and Non-Profit SEO Packages To Companies Who Aren't Thinking About SEO

Has this happened to you? You’re busy building and launching your social video and image sharing check-in network with location-aware beta APIs with complete Blackberry, Windows Phone 7, iOS, Symbian, Java stack, and iPaq support designed for single Spanish grandmothers and you have no time to drive traffic to your app page. What to do? Luckily, RankAbove has your back.

While I consider most SEO to be snake oil, RankAbove has been fairly consistent and intelligent in their dealings and, as such, deserve a bit of a mention. Their Start-up package starts at $199 and is designed to drive traffic to your start-up page and manage metrics so you know just what’s going on when people search in your space. This is more about measuring than making fake linkbait farms, so it’s OK.

The kit includes:

The ability to optimize up to 1,000 URLs
Track 250 keywords in your space
Indepth competitive analysis
Complete keyword research
On and off Page analysis and so much more!

If you’re a non-profit, on the other hand, RankAbove is offering a Giveback package that will pair you with a corporate sponsor and help send traffic to your page. They’ve already begun work with DonorsChoose and the the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International and are looking for partners going forward.

Either way, clearly SEO can help make or break a service and RankAbove is interested in helping you and yours. May be worth a look.

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