Why British Geeks Can't Bear To Look A Gift Horse In The Mouth

Last week the UK’s Technology Strategy Board, run by the government as a booster of the tech business world, unveiled a new £1m fund to support “digital businesses” in the small area around Old Street and Shoreditch in East London (known as ‘Silicon Roundabout’). The announcement was badly handled as it lacked detail. But instead of asking for more detail (and getting it), the tech community has let loose with both barrels. Why, asks Daniel Tenner, the founder of GrantTree and Woobius (a collaboration hub for architects), is this? He also blogs on swombat.com. You can follow him on Twitter here.

The questioner, looking nonchalant but determined, was in his thirties, held a small black dog in his lap and wore thin spectacles.

“I have a question. What’s in it for the taxpayers? Who’s going to be assessing entries and how are they qualified to do that?”

There was a chuckle from the audience, at the obviously antagonistic question. I muttered to the person next to me, “Talk about looking a gift horse in the mouth!”