Attention Gold-Digging Women of Silicon Valley: I'm On To You

So, there I was, sitting at TCHQ, discussing the recent Vanity Fair article about Jack Dorsey — and the ridiculous bluebird-on-the-shoulder picture that accompanied it.

Keen to track down the image itself, I typed Dorsey’s name into Google’s predictive image search box.

Here’s what came up…

“Huh,” I thought. “‘Jack Dorsey girlfriend’ – that’s an odd thing to come up as the second suggested search term.”


Google bases its prediction on what the majority of other users have previously searched for — and certainly there could be numerous reasons why large numbers of people are interested in the relationship status of paper-centimillionaire Dorsey.

Still, I tried some other famously wealthy and eligible names in tech…

Uh huh.




And, last but not least, let’s not forget Twitter’s resident superstar Biz Stone. After numerous high-profile appearances on Howard Stern, Conan and then vodka advertising campaign, surely his romantic currency is…


Image: Vanity Fair, April 2011