Like Us On Facebook, Win Awesome Stuff

If you’re a MobileCrunch reader, it’s probably because you’re an early adopter. Or you’re just awesome.

Well, we’ve got something new for you to be an early adopter of (or that’ll just make you more awesome): the brand spankin’ new MobileCrunch page on Facebook.

Yeah, I know: we should have built a Facebook Page ages ago. To be honest, it’s been sitting on our to-do list since back around the time man discovered fire — we’ve just been busy. As an apology of sorts for our tardiness (but primarily because we like to give stuff away), we’re going to start things off with a giveaway tomorrow, exclusive to our Facebook fans. What’ll we be giving away? It’s a secret, for now — but unless you want to forget about the giveaway, you better hit that Like button.

Oh, and don’t think that tomorrow’s giveaway is going to be the only one. If I have my way, we’ll be hookin’ our readers up on a regular basis.