Verizon Now Waiving Tablet Activation Fees

One blip in the tablet pricing and contract shuffle that’s been going on for the last couple months was that Verizon would be charging you a $35 activation fee when you activate their 3G service. The question was, is this fee going to stick around, making de- and re-activation a costly prospect? Other carriers didn’t have the fee, and it looks like Verizon is backing up just a bit with a limited-time reimbursement policy.

The memo reads “VZW is automatically waiving the activation fee on any tablet purchased on a month-to-month contract term as part of a limited-time promotion.” So if you pick up a Xoom today at retail (or picked one up recently) you’ll see a $35 credit next to your $35 fee. Already paid the fee? Call up your local Verizon store and see if they’ll send a credit your way either, since you’re a loyal customer.

[via Phandroid]