Panasonic Announces E-Bike Specifically Designed For High-School Students

While e-bikes are struggling on their way to enter the mainstream in other places of the world, makers in Japan are already starting to segment the market. Panasonic today announced [JP, PDF] the BE-ENSK63 for the local market, an e-bike specifically aimed at “junior high-school students”.

To be sure to meet the needs of the target group, Panasonic asked Japan’s national PTA [JP] for advice. The bike makes it easy for owners to get on and off and is equipped with special LED headlights and tail lights for enhanced security when riding the bike in the evening.

The BE-ENSK63 is sized at 1,800×540mm, weighs 24.1kg and is powered by a 25.2V-3.1Ah lithium-ion battery that lets owners travel 11/12/17km in power/automatic/eco mode.

Panasonic plans to start selling the bike in Japan as early as tomorrow (price: $1,050).