Saddleback iPad Case Promises 100 Years Of Thick, Lustrous Leather

You may remember our review during last year’s bag week of the Saddleback laptop case. Expensive, durable, and fervently religious, it’d be a good bag to have during the end times. And depending on whether said Armageddon happens before or after the iPad 2 announcement, you might want some righteous armor for your iPad, too. Not iPad 2. iPad too. Good thing Saddleback now makes an iPad case that protects your touchscreen treasure better than the ark of the covenant.

Okay, enough teasing. The Saddleback case is made of mega-thick leather and really does offer a 100-year warranty. You can get a lining of either pigskin or suede, and the straps fold back over (like the M-Edge Platform I reviewed) to secure it in an upright state. It comes in brown, brown, brown, and black.

By the way, read the “common questions” – very funny.