Razer Releases Special "Black Edition" Of My Favorite Mouse, The Death Adder

When I look back over all the mice I’ve reviewed in my time, one particular thing always comes to mind: “What the hell are you doing with your life?” But then I get over it, dry my tears, and continue thinking about how many mice come and go, but there are a few that still stand out as the best. The Death Adder is one of them; I reviewed it a couple years back, after it had already been out for some time, and although I love me some G500 and Xai, the Death Adder is still number one with me. So you can be sure I’m happy to see it given some love in the form of a new special edition.

The “Black Edition” Death Adder is just that: black. On account of its complexion. The funny thing is, it was already black. Yes, I’m looking at mine right now, definitely black.

It does have a white scroll wheel, though. So they’ve fixed that. And there’s a new non-slip rubber coating on the side, where the old one had slick plastic. The logo doesn’t light up anymore, either. I’m okay with that.

At any rate, it’s still a great mouse, and now you can buy one for the same price they were at three years ago: $60! Yay!