Kno Is Looking For Student Ambassadors And Are Paying In Hefty Tablet Discounts

The Kno is a clever single or dual-screen 14.1-inch tablet aimed at the education market. The Kno was even nominated to the 2010 Crunchies for Best New Device. But the company needs to get the word out and so are turning to their potential customers for help.

The Kno Student Ambassador Program is open to any US-based college student looking to gain a unique marketing and communication resume blurb, but also a deep discount on a Kno Tablet. The job responsibilities aren’t lite ;it doesn’t seem like something easily scammed. You’d be required to attend weekly meetings, conduct product demos, work with student clubs and organizations as well as participate in Kno viral marketing campaigns.

But if you’ve been eyeing a single or dual-screen Kno tablet and all that on-campus nonsense sounds more like fun than work to you, why not apply? Think of it as an investment into your future, where the nonsensical phrase means you’ll get one of the hottest tablet for a bit or work.

Ambassadors are required to buy their own Kno, but at 50% off. This works out to a nice discount as the Kno starts out at $599, but the 32GB, dual-screen flavor runs $999. Combine that discount with the cheaper Kno electronic textbooks and you could save cash from your Pell Grant for more important things like credit hours and cases of PBR.

Fill out this form to apply. The press release indicates that there are a limited number of spots and ambassadors will be chosen by resumes, short-answer essay questions and an interviews with Kno. Ultimately you need to decide if a couple hundreds off a hot tablet is worth all the work. But honestly, if you have to think about it, you’re probably not right for the position.