Toy DSLR Actually Shoots Stills And Video, Has Swappable Lenses

Although this might actually also work as a gag gift your favorite photographer, it might be a pretty cool thing to give a kid, too. I mean really, if you want them to like the idea of interchangeable lenses and cameras, a little thing like this would be great way to introduce them.

It’s called the Chobi Cam One, and it costs around $110 (if you can figure out how to order and deliver to a non-Japan address). It shoots 1600×1200 stills and really, really bad video, though at a full 30fps. The fun part is that there are actually three extra lenses to choose from, which presumably have actually different optical qualities. They cost… looks like around $50 each. Yow! A little more and you could pick up an actual lens for your DSLR.

[via PetaPixel]