Apple Will Sell Their 100 Millionth iPhone This Year

Being phone geeks, we at MobileCrunch HQ like to keep pretty close tabs on how many iPhones are floating around out there, if only because the idea of selling millions and millions of anything blows our collective mind. As of September of last year, the iPhone grand total was riiiight around 73.5 million.

Apple has just announced the numbers for their 1st fiscal quarter of 2011 (which, confusing terms aside, ran from September 25th to December 25th, 2010) — and all in all, the company managed to churn out roughly 16.24 million iPhones. That brings the total up to just shy of 90 million (as in around 89.75 million).

With three quarters left to go in the fiscal year, the chances of Apple selling their 100 millionth iPhone this year are hovering around 100%. In 2010’s non-Holiday quarters, Apple sold an average of 8.6 million iPhones. Given that, look for Apple to start heralding number 100,000,000 at the tail end of this quarter, or the beginning of the next (though with the launch of the Verizon iPhone next month, we can probably expect it sooner than later.)

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