Hands-Off Video Demo: The HTC Thunderbolt for Verizon

At long, long last, Verizon has pulled back the curtain on the HTC Thunderbolt. After months of covering the various rumors surrounding this thing (not to mention watching it change names constantly, from the Zeus to the Incredible HD to the Mecha to the Thunderbolt), finally seeing it get announced conjured up some pretty strong feelings of Deja Vu.

With that said, I’m glad it’s here — and I’m even more glad that Verizon was down to give me a quick video run-through of the handset immediately after its debut this evening. Alas, they wouldn’t let me touch it, so I’ve got no real “Hands On” impressions to share. (Though I did sneak a poke at the soft-touch back. Shockingly, it was soft to the touch.)