While LoveFilm mulls a sale, it signs another movie house for streaming service

LoveFilm, currently the source of speculation over whether it is about to be sold to Amazon or not, has boosted its streaming content following an exclusive agreement with Icon Film Distribution. LoveFilm members will be able to access new releases from Icon through the sites media player.

The deal means that Icon films not sen before on any subscription or TV movie service will be available only to LoveFilm members for one year, on PCs and direct-to-TV through Samsung and Sony internet-enabled devices and, most recently, PlayStation 3.

Icon films include Precious, The Road, Edge of Darkness (starring Mel Gibson and Ray Winstone) and A Single Man (directed by Tom Ford and starring Colin Firth), among others.

When companies are looking to sell they typical rush out announcements about new deals being signed. We’re not saying this is happening here but it is interesting timing.