Snapstick Could Launch By Q2 With Help From D-Link

You might have seen this Snapstick thing about a month ago, where you can watch videos on your TV after finding them on your phone. Well, they’re only in private beta at the moment, but they’re now in talks with D-Link to perhaps put out an actual device as soon as Q2 of this year. That’s a fast track, all right.

Personally I don’t see the draw of this system, since once you “snap” something to your screen, you’re limited in the ways you can interact with it. Apparently you can mirror it back to your phone, but it still seems a bit of an odd way to control your content. The good news is that Flash content is supported, since the set-top box will do Flash and send it to your phone.

At the very least I’ll give it a try if we can swing by their booth at CES. I get the feeling it’s easier to wrap your head around once you’ve actually given it a look.