Rumor: Verizon to end early upgrade and "New Every Two" programs

According to a leaked Verizon Training slide that recently landed in Android Central’s virtual lap, ol’ Big Red will be putting to bed both their early upgrade program and their “New Every Two” program come January 16.

The early upgrade program allowed customers to upgrade their handset in months 13-20 of their contract, rather than having to wait out the full 24 months. This was to try and lock customers into another contract before they could leave for another operator, so it is in Verizon’s interest to continue to offer early upgrades.

The policy change now means that the upgrades can only occur in the final 4 months of a contract. Note the words “as a standard policy” at the end of the paragraph outlining the change, so lucky customers may still be able to access the deal.

The “New Every Two” program gave customers up to $50 every two years to put toward the purchase of a new phone, and will be canned entirely come January 16.

So, if you’ve got some New Every Two dollars saved up, or want to upgrade before your contract is over, you better get to it, buddy, coz that ship could sail in a fortnight.

[via BGR]