Meizu CEO: M9 To Hit Retail By New Years Day "At The Latest"

Just a quick update for all of those following the Meizu M9 saga (tl;dr: Chinese manufacturer Meizu makes an iPhone clone, gets sued by Apple, goes legit with a built-from-the-ground-up Android phone.) With the company having now received the proper paperwork necessary to launch the handset in China, Meizu’s always-vocal CEO Jack Wong has once again popped up on their official forum to drop some knowledge bombs.

According to Wong, the M9 should officially go up for sale by New Years Day at the latest. If that happens, it’ll be the end of a loooong debate over whether or not this thing is vaporware (though with early units showing little discrepancies like the 1Ghz processor coming in underclocked at 800mhz, the final product might not be exactly what was originally pitched.)

[Via MeizuMe]