Come on people – let's have your annual guest post

TechCrunch Europe covers 48 geographical European countries and territories, 27 members of the “European Union” inside that and the 51 participating countries in the most important European project of all: the Eurovision Song Contest of course! But it’s a lot of fun, and you guys rock. So whey don’t we hear from you more often? Why sit their reading our rubbish when you could read your own? Let’s hear from your side!

We’d like your guest posts for TechCrunch Europe this week, written by you about your tech scene in Europe – or indeed anything you like. Hate the new Facebook or Twitter? Got a view on startup funding or exits? Contact us.

Here are the rules:

We won’t be running ‘trade-off’ style material as in ‘this is a thinly-veiled advert for my company hidden in what looks like a real article’. The post needs to have real internal merit. Ideally we’re looking for hard core contributions to the tech and startup scene in Europe by entrepreneurs and investors. We’re particular interested in problems that need to be solved, trends, criticisms, commentary and even something funny.

We want posts by people who have something cool to say about startups here and in the wider European tech scene. It’s not much more complicated than that. We like posts which are well written, thought provoking or informative. Preferably all three. The posts will appear exclusively here on TechCrunch Europe (under “Guest Author”) and the writers will get picture bylines, a short bio (please make sure you are added as a Person on Crunchbase and a link back to their site.

Pitch us the idea for a post in one paragraph, and send to Contributing Editor Steve O’Hear (steve[AT] [Please note: Your pitch/idea – and even the final article – may be refused and we won’t enter into long discussions about it. But don’t take it personally. Any copy will be sub-edited. Submissions need to be in English, in raw HTML, with relevant links and links to non-copyright pictures].

As a reminder, here’s a list of European countries (it’s a broad definition, and not just EU members) we’d like to hear from. Even if you are sitting in a so-called “forgotten” part of Europe in terms of tech, we’d still like to hear from you. Email us your article ideas.