Mysterious LG B Phone Sports Mega-Bright Display

This is intriguing. A tipster has sent Phandroid a few shots of an unreleased LG phone known only as the LG B. Its most defining feature appears to be an incredibly bright 4″ screen, outshining both the iPhone 4 and Galaxy S. Not only that, but it’s thinner than either one of those. Wow, go LG!

The B (probably not its final moniker) does indeed look quite bright and thin. I’m not sure I trust the tipster’s facts entirely, though. Look at this chart:

Notice something weird? LCD screens have the same power draw whether they’re showing black or white pixels, because the power is going to a backlight. OLEDs are different, and only bright pixels are illuminated. So if the B shows no power draw when it’s black, that implies it’s an OLED. But it’s listed as LCD. Either way, if it’s providing the brightness they say it is, there’s some kind of serious advance in display tech going on here. No mention of resolution, but I’d guess 800×480.

You can’t argue with its size, though — it looks more compact (except for the screen size, of course) than the iPhone 4 and Galaxy S it’s compared to, and we all know people love a thin phone. We’ll keep an eye out for more news on this thing.