InMobi: iPhone OS dominates European mobile ad market with 31.9% share

Research from mobile ad network provider InMobi has found that iPhone OS currently dominates the European mobile ad market with a 31.9% share, while Nokia’s share has slide to 19.7%, putting it in second place.

Android OS, meanwhile, is making its way after a slow start in these parts: the platform has gained +9.5 share points between July 2010 and October 2010, growing to a 12.9% share.

The rapid decline of Nokia (-6.0 share points in the past 90 days alone) is a major inflection point for the European mobile advertising community, remarks James Lamberti, VP of Global Research & Marketing at InMobi:

iPhone and Android devices trigger major increases in mobile Internet consumption and drive rapid share gains against Nokia well beyond what shipments data would suggest.

As a whole, the European mobile ad market grew by 88% in merely 90 days, driven by phenomenal increases in Android OS monthly ad impressions (+256 million) and iPhone OS impressions (+260 million) across the continent.

Apple recently launched its iAd mobile ad network in the UK and France, and will soon also make its debut in Germany.

InMobi’s research focused on all regions of Europe including UK, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Russia and CIS, Nordics, and dozens of other European countries.

You can download InMobi’s updated network research report, offering a great snapshot of mobile advertising trends in Europe, here.