Angry Birds Find Their Way Onto iPhone 4, iPod Touch Cases, Let the Pig Slaughter Begin

So you went as an Angry Bird for Halloween and your kids are getting Angry Bird plush dolls in their holiday stockings. But that leaves nothing for you, the hard-working family provider. Clearly Santa should bring you some Angry Bird merchandise this year, too. It’s only fair. You’ve been a good kid.

Good thing Gear4 just announced a line of Angry Birds iPhone 4 and iPod touch cases that will dress up your device as either an Angry Bird or smug Pig King. Be warned though. While the cases are constructed out of hard plastic and are probably plenty durable, they’re not going to allow you to chuck your phone through plates of glass or wood beams. Yeah, that’s not a good idea although here’s hoping that someone does and uploads the tomfoolery to YouTube.

Both variants run $24.99 each and will probably be one of best things you get this year. Well, that is of course, if you stocking isn’t stuffed with any of these items from our epic cheap stocking stuffers gift guide. But even then, these cases are still awesome as cases can get.