ngmoco Launches Their First Android Game: Pocket God

Back in September, we uncovered that ngmoco, a smashingly successful app development house that had long worked exclusively on iOS, was working on Android tools and games. We couldn’t get official confirmation from the company right off the bat (they decided signing off of AIM and ignoring my emails would be a better idea), but they went ahead and announced it three days later.

At the time, they announced that their popular game We Rule would be the first to make the jump from iOS-land; turns out, that’s not the case. Swooping in and snagging the title of ngmoco’s first Android app? Pocket God.

“But wait! Pocket God isn’t an ngmoco game.. is it?”

Nope! At least, not on iOS. Pocket God for iOS was developed by Bolt Creative. For the Android port, however, they brought in ngmoco as a partner to help with the transition.

Alas, it seems like that transition didn’t go very smooth. Right off the launch pad, Pocket God is facing some pretty harsh reviews in the Android Market. The reason for the nasty notes? It.. won’t launch on a bunch of handsets. It seems to work on the EVO and the Nexus One, but we’re seeing reports that it’s crashing on startup on the CLIQ, T-Mobile G2, and phones based on the Samsung Galaxy S (Verizon Fascinate, T-Mobile Vibrant, etc.) After Rovio (of Angry Birds fame), that’s two major iOS publishers having issues with Android fragmentation.

Fortunately, Pocket God is only 99 cents — even if you’re not sure it’ll work on your handset, drop the buck and give ngmoco a few days to clean up their debut.