Video: World's first Tegra 2 phone, the LG Star, vs iPhone 4

If you’ve been drooling over that LG Tegra 2 powered 4″ beast that we recently spied, but wanting more than what a few spy shots can deliver, then check this out: there’s now a video available.

The guys over at GSM Israel have managed to get their hands on the device, and have given it not only a thorough photo-shoot, but also a video.

The video, embedded below, compares the Star’s browser speeds against an iPhone 4. If you speak Hebrew, you’ll probably get a bit more from the video than I did, but don’t let that stop you from checking it out — it’s thrill-a-minute stuff*.

You also get to see some of the modifications LG has done to the Android UI, including the floating system apps at the bottom of the app drawer.

SPOILER ALERT: Browser speeds are much the same between devices.

[via Talk Android]

*video may not contain 7 thrills.