Verizon to spill the beans on their 4G network in a press conference tomorrow

Verizon’s been pretty open about their plans surround the launch of their 4G LTE network — 38 cities, by the end of this year — but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some lingering fuzzy details. When will the roll out start? Will bandwidth be metered/pay-per-megabyte? Who’s going to explain to all of our grandmothers why the mobile world is using yet another confusing acronym?

Tomorrow morning at around 9 AM pacific, Verizon’s going to be holding a press conference where they’ll hopefully be answering all this and more, along with providing final details for the impending launch. We’ll be there (well, as “there” as we can be — it’s a phone-based conference) bright and early, and will report back with anything we hear.