TSA-Proof Fig Briefs Protect Your Undercarriage From Radiation, Pawing Agents

Stocking stuffer alert! I never thought I’d be recommending underwear to combat an overreaching government, but this is just one of life’s little surprises. These briefs (and boxers and such) have a fig leaf in the front that supposedly blocks the radiation from those horrible machines… which means it’s probably just woven with some kind of wire-infused thread, or has some tin foil in it.

Sure, you could make your own by just pinning some foil to your pants, but foil-pants don’t make good gifts; this does. Maybe. Also, it’s not clear whether you’ll get secondary or tertiary screening for wearing these things. It’ll only be so long before someone makes a leaf-shaped bomb, I guess.

You can also get a 3-pack of boxer-briefs in patriotic red, white, and blue. Dissent is sexy!

[via CNET]