ThermalTake’s Dokker PC Case Has A HDD Dock Built Right In

This is a great idea — I’m trying to think if anyone’s done something similar. Probably not, since it drives up the cost of the case somewhat (actually, as commenters point out below, there are several with a feature similar to this). Still, it’s a really handy thing to have if you’re the kind of person who has lots of loose drives around. What, they exist! Not all of us can afford nice enclosures for our storage, Mr. Q. Moneybags Reader the Third!

The Dokker only costs $65, which pretty much makes it my next hard drive case, and it’s a mid-tower, meaning it won’t dominate my apartment the way this beast of a Whisper does. It’ll support up to 12.5″ cards, so your footlong GPU will definitely fit.

This is kind of like a budget version of that old Corsair case with its hot-swappable drives. I’d probably go with the Corsair if I had the money, but for $65, this Dokker looks like a hell of a deal.

[via Tom’s Hardware]