LG's Android-powered Optimus One breaks 1 million sales in 40 days

Who’da guessed it: the world likes cheap stuff. Oh, we already knew that? Okay — then it should come as no surprise that LG has already managed to sell one million of their intentionally-easy-on-the-wallet Android phone, the Optimus One, just 40 days after launch.

LG has done one helluva job with this handset; between getting it out the door with Android 2.2 and launching it in Europe, Asia, and the US (as the Optimus S on Sprint, Optimus T on T-Mobile, and, come Nov. 18th, the Vortex on Verizon) pretty much simultaneously, I can’t really think of anything they could’ve done better. I dunno, maybe give out free pudding with each purchase? People love pudding. Good job, LG.