Marshall Releases Major and Minor Headphones

Back before kids had earbuds or earnodes or whatever, you used to listen to your Robert Plant on big studio cans, man. You’d just sit back with a J and just let the music wash over you while your mom and dad totally spaced out to Reagan in the living room and you were totally in the zone. Bam! Guitars! Boom! Drums! Like you could see the colors of the music, man.

So that’s what Marshall is trying to create here, amigos. The released two headphones, one called the Minor which are basically like earbuds or whatever and then there’s the Major with a curly pigtail cable and enough ear stuffing to keep out the sad sounds of your old lady telling you to get the Firebird into the garage so she can get the minivan up in that piece and you’re like “Fine, after this lick from D’Yer Mak’er.”

The major is like $99 and the Minor, which you totally don’t want, costs $59. The Major has 20 ~ 20kHz FREAK RESPONSE and has soft earcups so you don’t get your gold hoop snagged in there. Biggest question is how Dark Side of the Moon sounds when you’re listening to these things in your basement with the freaking black lights going and the mushrooms popping off the top of your head.

Product Page [Minor]
Product Page [Major]