Plastic Logic Gets "Major" Russian Investment To Build Second Screen Manufacturing Facility

Remember Plastic Logic? The company that made the interesting Que E-Reader that was previewed in 2008debuted in 2009 and shown to the public at CES 2010? Yeah, the one that constantly delayed and ultimately canceled awhile back. Well, the company apparently isn’t dead yet. A Russian firm, Russian Corporation of Nanotechnologies, just made a “major” investment in the company who is now said to be working on a second facility to manufacturer flexible E Ink screens as well as other plastic products. Whether said screens will be used for a self-branded e-reader or sold as OEM parts for other product lines is still not clear.

We’re just glad to see the company still kicking. The Que was one of the few standouts from last year’s CES and Devin was legitimately heartbroken when the Que project was axed. He’s an emotional man when it comes to reading devices. [Plastic Logic via E-Ink-Info]