Motorola Droid Pro Pre-sale begins Nov 9, launches Nov 18

If you’re keen on Motorola’s Android answer to the BlackBerry form-factor — the Droid Pro — then listen up, bucko, as we now have detals on both the launch date and the pre-sale period.

Android Central have managed to uncover a top-secret, military-classified document outlining the dates, as well as the news that those placing a pre-order will actually receive the device before the launch date. Neat-o.

“But, what are the dates?!” I hear you scream. Calm down, calm down… the pre-sale date is November 9, and the release date will be November 18. If you placed your pre-order before Nov 17, then the phone will ship out to you on either the 11th or 12th of Nov. Meaning you can expect your phone a few days before the common folk receive theirs.

Most phones of this nature go for about $199 (+ 2 years), but we have previously had an unconfirmed rumour pointing toward an un-holy $299 price tag. As I said, this is an unconfirmed price, so you can still cross all your digits in the hope that the price drops a Benjamin before launch.

As you can see in the image below, the pre-order deal-io is only available through My Verizon and direct sales channels, and — for reasons unknown — those unlucky folk in Pennsylvania and Massachusetts won’t be able to pick one of the phones up from a retail location.