You'll Want To Download The Football Manager 2011 Demo Today

Good news! The demo for Sega’s Football Manager 2011 is now available. So put on your José Mourinho or Sir Alex Ferguson or Arrigo Sacchi or Helenio Herrera (drop enough names yet?) hats and get to it.

“Football Manager?” I pity the sports fan who’s not a fan of the game. I especially pity the American football (NFL, etc.) fan who thinks, automatically, “Bah, soccer, it’s probably stupid!”

Not so! Soccer is just as much about Xs and Os as your kind of football, with sites like Zonal Marking having brought the idea of tactics actually being genuinely fascinating to a larger audience.

The game isn’t so much a Fifa or Pes clone as it is as an RPG: you’re a football manager, and it’s your job to take your team of nobodies and bring them the league title.

The demo is available for the PC and Mac, but the game itself will also be available for the PSP.

The game comes out on November 5.