32% Of iPads Owners Haven't Downloaded An App (Yet)

It seems like not every iPad owner is infatuated with apps. Nope, according to a recent Nielsen survey, 32 percent surveyed have never downloaded an app to their iPad. Crazy? Yep. But it’s also a testament to the tablet’s built-in features.
The survey goes on to state that 63 percent downloaded a paid app with only five percent opting for those not costing anything. Games were the top paid app category, followed by books, music and shopping apps. However, when compared to iPhone app usage, the iPad blows away its smaller counterpart in nearly every app type besides News and Music, with the iPhone earning a slight advantage in those two categories.
But the real shocker is that not every iPad is purchased just for apps. Apparently some owners are satisfied with the web browsing and mail functions built right into the iPad. That’s the way it should be, too. Devices shouldn’t be dependent on 3rd part applications to justify their existence — especially expensive ones like the iPad. However, while that percentage might not shrink over time as more people buy an iPad for the first time, chances are owners will turn to apps to keep the iPad’s appeal fresh and exciting.