Samsung To Make Prescription 3D Glasses

One of the common complaints about 3D is that it’s essentially calibrated for those among us lucky enough to have perfect or near-perfect vision. Even if you wanted to try putting the glasses over your existing glasses or contacts, there’s no guarantee that the optics would work out correctly.

Samsung knew, I’m sure, that alienating a huge (and growing — thanks to computers) group of consumers like this was bad news. So they’re going to be offering their 3D glasses in common prescriptions.

The pairs in the picture above look pretty innocuous, and to be sure, LCD glasses have gotten lighter and more convenient. Luckily, it doesn’t really matter, since you’ll only be wearing these in the comfort of your own home.

Therein also lies the problem. Do you really want to pay what will certainly be a substantial amount of money to let you watch the limited selection of 3D available now, especially when active shutter technology is sure to be replaced in the next couple of years? Plus, will this enable you to go see movies in the theater in 3D? Because that’s really the fun part. Unfortunately, you can never be sure; this is a very limited solution (though certainly a welcome one).

No pricing was mentioned, but I’d guess you’re looking at around $100 minimum, more depending on the frame. Maybe your insurance will cover it. Not.

[via Dvice]