T-mobile to throttle data beyond 5GB

Uh-oh. Any data fiends out there on T-mobile may no longer be able to scoff at AT&T’s idea of “unlimited” data, as come October 16, T-mobile are going to start throttling data speeds when a user goes over 5GB.

Of course, data fiends are a special type of person, and most customers won’t even notice the change (T-mobile say that it will only affect 1% of its customer base), but given that their previous limit was 10GB, it does feel like you’re losing a little something.

According to Tmo News, once a customer goes over the 5GB limit, they will receive a free text message from ol’ Magenta, letting them know that they’ve been capped. The cap will remain in place until the next billing cycle.

Personally, I still prefer this to receiving extra charges, but it would be nice to have an option to purchase extra blocks of data, just in case there is something really important that you need to download right now.

[via WP Central]