@Rest Steel iPad Stand Is Large And Solid

While a case or portable stand is nice for when you take your iPad out for coffee, it might be good to have something a little more substantial and official at home. The @Rest iPad stand looks solid enough to withstand a direct headbutt from Zinedine Zidane, and it’s rather good-looking, too.

The idea here is, as you can see, less portability and more solidity. It’s one piece of metal; you use little plugs to clamp the ipad into position in the reclined or standing position.

Personally, I like the design. It’d be nice as a desk stand for when you use the iPad as a second monitor with something like Air Display. At $60, it’s a little expensive, but not that bad. A nice gift for the iPad lover in your life, maybe. More pictures and buyables at Heckler Design.