High Court: Ireland Cannot Enforce 'Kick Pirates Off The Internet' Laws

Big news coming out of Ireland today regarding the war on piracy, the most hilarious war of them all. The gist is that the High Court has said that laws that would cut pirates off the Internet are simply unenforceable, effectively putting an end to the practice. The BBC says the court decision will likely have a “knock-on effect” in other countries around Europe.

An Irish ISP, UPC, had gone to court to, in effect, get the likes of Sony, EMI, and other copyright owners from demanding it go after copyright infringers.

UPC said, look, we’re an ISP, we cannot be held responsible for what travels over our wires. Once we start monitoring for X, that means we have to monitor for Y and Z, too. It’s not that we’re in favor of file-sharing, but we don’t have the resources to go after every single bit that crosses our wires.

It’s the dumb pipe line of thinking: you can’t go after AT&T because two guys planned a bank robbery over the phone, now can you?

The Irish music industry respnded with something like, the only reason the court decided the way it did is because the laws aren’t up to date. Give us a moment to figure out our next move.