Updated Yahoo! Messenger for iOS brings cross-platform video calling

If you’re not that keen on Facetime’s inability to work over 3G, or have a heap of friends on Android, or want to video call your parent’s computer, then you should go check out the updated Yahoo! Messenger app on iTunes.

The updated app now brings with it support for WiFi and 3G video calls… video calls that can be made to any Yahoo! Messenger client, including those on computers and (soon) Android phones (if they have a front-facing camera).

What else does it bring? How about full multi-tasking support for the iPhone 4 and 3Gs, and push notifications.

If you’re in America, France, Germany, Spain, or Singapore, you can also “call out” to other phones using Yahoo! Voice Phone Out minutes.

There you have it! If that’s not reason enough to upgrade, then… don’t, I guess!

[via Engadget]