The TrulyErgonomic Keyboard Claims To Be World's Natural-Est

I’ve never really taken to the “natural” or “ergonomic” keyboards out there, perhaps because I’m always reviewing really excellent traditional ones, or maybe because I work from my laptop and can’t get used to the other layout. Or maybe it’s because they’re all doing it wrong. That’s what TrulyErgonomic seems to think, and they’ve designed a keyboard they’re calling, unsurprisingly, the first truly ergonomic keyboard out there.

The design is certainly different from what you usually see; the symmetrical look is unlike most other keyboards, and they’ve tweaked the key layout to be (they say) more natural to type on.

I’m not sure if I’d actually prefer it over the old-school straight-row keyboard, but it certainly looks like they’ve got their ducks in a row here. They’re using really high-quality key switches, and you can order different key layouts and sounds, an integrated palm rest, or even blank keys for the braver among you.

The catch? I’m glad you asked. At $169, it’s among the most expensive keyboards out there, though of course this thing may just be worth it.