Razer Releases "Unibody" Aluminum Mousepad

Been wearing through those mousepads lately with great rapidity? Perhaps this world was not prepared for the velocity of your mousing. Like Sonic the Hedgehog, you need special equipment to do what you do. He had special low-friction shoes; you need an aluminum mousepad.

The “Ironclad” actually isn’t the first metal mousepad, nor, I would submit, the greatest. That honor would go to the solid steel pads from Greensforged, which double as cookie sheets. They’re cheaper, too: at $60, the Ironclad is among the most expensive out there, more so even than the fancy-pants Vespula.

It would be a nice match for your Magic Mouse when you’re playing your new Valve games, though. Too bad you’ll get owned by those of us with real mice. That’s right, I went there.