For Pete's Sake: Fallout: New Vegas Digital Collector's Edition Exclusive To Direct2Drive

Oh, how annoying. Direct 2 Drive, the IGN-owned Steam-like digital distribution service, will be the exclusive home of the Digital Collector’s Edition of Fallout: New Vegas. Why do I, the average gamer, have to have an Excel spreadsheet open just to determine which store has what content?

That’s right: if you want the fancy-pants digital edition you’ll have to buy the game from Direct 2 Drive. I guess that’s a good deal for Direct 2 Drive, giving the site a bit more exposure courtesy of one of this autumn’s biggest games, but it’s just another example of the completely unnecessary fracturing of the gaming community.

You know, go to Store A to get this content, go to Store B to get that content, go to Store C before 3pm on Wednesday to get that content… and on and on and on.

The New Vegas Digital Collector’s Edition comes with a 48-page graphic novel entitled “All Roads,” while pre-ordering it will also get you the Tribal Pack—some armor, a mêlée weapon, a few throwing spears, and a potion of some sort.

(Of course, the console version has its own special edition that may interest you. In fact, there’s a boxed PC special edition, too, if you’re so put off by all this digital exclusivity business. You still have a working DVD drive in that PC of yours, right?)

The Digital Collector’s Edition costs $54.95, and is available for pre-order now.

Obviously you’re going to want the PC version—either from Direct 2 Drive, Steam, or the boxed copy—if for no other reason than the mods.