Android gets its own totally unauthorized Windows Phone 7 theme

Tired of your Android phone not looking vaguely like Windows Phone 7? Don’t worry — sometimes I go through crazy-spells, too. In a classic act of “because we can”, some resourceful modders have tossed together an Android skin thats sure to rub a few people in Redmond the wrong way.

Aptly named “Android Phone 7”, the theme borrows a good amount from Microsoft’s latest mobile OS. It’s not a 1:1 copy, by any means — but it’s definitely heavily inspired.

The theme’s creator, newone757, was nice enough to put up the theme and some basic install instructions over at XDA-Dev. Be warned, though: the process isn’t what you might call.. straight-forward. A missing font file here, a graphic that you’ll need to build there… if you’re trying to get it to look exactly like the shot above, expect to do a bit of tweakage.