The new AT&T Navigator for iPhone totally helps you run red lights

Perhaps that headline is a bit of an exaggeration. The latest update to Telenav’s AT&T Navigator for iPhone doesn’t tell you that you should run red lights, but it does tell you when you definitely shouldn’t.

Telenav has just pushed out an update to their turn-by-turn app for the iPhone, AT&T Navigator. One of the big new features, amongst others: Red-light camera alerts.

We’ve all been there, or at least know someone who has. The light turns yellow, and you’re just close enough that slamming your brakes would probably make things more dangerous. You jump into hyperspace — but right as you’re half way through the intersection, the light turns red, a flash goes off, and a $200 ticket shows up in your mailbox. Suuuuuck.

This, in theory, helps you know when it’s better to just slam the brakes and hope for the best.

That’s not the only big feature, though. Also included:

  • Direct, one-button speech recognition. No more calling a silly number and having some behind-the-scenes voodoo trigger actions on a screen. Just plunk the button, say “Drive to coffee”, and you’re on the way to getting your fix.
  • Lane Assistance: No more “OH GOD LOOK OUT GUY CANT YOU SEE MY TURNING SIGNAL GAHH MOVE YOU BASTARD oh we missed the exit.” moments just because you zoned out.
  • Battery saver mode detects if you’ve arrived at your location or are idling and kills the GPS receiver to keep your handset juiced.
  • OpenGL engine for smoother 3D navigation animations. This is the future! Chunky animations are for chumps!
  • iOS 4 multitasking support

The update [Go Go Gadget iTunes Link!] is totally free, though the app’s subscription will still set you back $9.99 a month or $70 a year.