Congress Leaves Town Without Passing Net Neutrality Legislation

Your do-nothing Congress is doing nothing—shock! Lawmakers have adjourned their latest session in order to return to their home districts in order to campaign for the upcoming election. Boring, I know. One of the things they left on the table? Net Neutrality legislation. Thanks, Congress!

Congress, which didn’t even pass a budget for the next year (what do they do all day?), didn’t bother with the Net Neutrality legislation. The AP says there was “Republican opposition,” so the Democrats, in charge of the relevant committee (the mighty, mighty House Commerce Committee), basically said, “Fine, we’re done with this, time to go home.”

This current Congress is among the least liked Congresses of all time, according to various surveys.

Net Neutrality is the only bit of business that applies to us here, but Congress has also left other things on the table, such as deciding whether or not to let the Bush-era tax cuts remain or expire as first written all those years ago.

Now that Congress has failed to touch Net Neutrality, the FCC may once again try to flex its regulatory muscle.

In other words, we’re looking at the status quo for a bit longer.