So Now Windows Phone 7 Doesn't Support Tethering At All?

So we heard only a week ago that Windows Phone 7 would support USB tethering and carriers would be (somehow) prohibited from charging extra for the feature. Then a few days ago we heard that it was up to the carriers to included it, though we presumed if they did, it still had to come gratis.

Now, Microsoft has said to Engadget in no uncertain terms that there is no tethering at all on Windows Phone 7. None at all? Some may argue that tethering is one of these features that most people don’t care about — but I think it’s just too difficult for your average user, and no one has sufficiently dumbed it down, probably because it would lead too all kinds of bandwidth issues.

As Engadget suggests, it’s entirely possible that this is just one of those features that was frozen out of the initial release; I’ve heard that quite a few things will need to be addressed right off the bat. Still, it’s a bit disappointing; while Microsoft may have a strategy in mind that is simply hidden from view, it may look to some as if they’re shipping an incomplete product.