HeySweetheart: Because A Stranger Calling To Say They Love You Isn't Weird If You're Paying For It

Sometimes you just need someone to tell you they love you. Maybe your car broke down for the fifth time and you can’t afford the repair bill; maybe you’re just having a bad hair day. Maybe a bunch of anonymous commenters decided to rage on you over a minor grammatical error on your tech blog. Whatever the case, a quick “I love you” can turn even the worst days into something manageable.

But would you pay for it? HeySweetheart hopes so.

For $15 a month ($10, if you’re willing sign up for an auto-reoccurring monthly bill), HeySweetheart will have a stranger (male or female, your choice) call you to tell you that they love you, miss you, think you’re special, or any other sweet nothing they can come up with on the spot. When you break it down, that’s somewhere between 30 and 50 cents per day. Is that a good value? I’m not sure. I tried calling up my “I love you” market expert, but then I remembered that he didn’t exist, so I hung up.

Is it strange? Perhaps — but this is actually the third product of this nature to come out of this team (who, it seems, wants to remain anonymous.) They also offer HeyLazyass, through which a stranger calls you daily with news headlines, weather, or whatever other bit of info you want, and HeyHotstuff, through which a stranger calls you daily and tells you they want to [OH MY GOD CENSORED] your [NO WAY WE’RE PUBLISHING THAT] while you [Nope] their [Nuh-uh].

Check out their audio samples below:

Hey Sweetheart:


And yeah, this is probably the strangest thing I’ve ever written about on TechCrunch.

Update: As a few readers have pointed out (and as HeySweetheart points out in their own about page), this whole concept is based on Zachary Burt’s AwesomenessReminder. Figured we’d give credit where credit was due.