Is that a Bluetooth keyboard in your pocket, or are you just.. oh, yep, it's a Bluetooth keyboard.

Heads up, fellow road warriors: there’s a new Bluetooth keyboard in town. It folds up into a package tight enough to fit in your pocket, can hold up devices as big as the iPad in either landscape or portrait mode — and if you pre-order it, it costs just $10 more than Apple’s Bluetooth keyboard.

Coming in Q1 2011, Cervantes Mobile’s Jorno keyboard is a pretty clever little piece. Folded up, it’s an unassuming grey box about the size of a deck of cards; unfolded, it’s a near full-size (the keys are about 15% smaller than standard keyboard keys) keyboard with a detachable device stand — a stand which, by the way, comes complete with a little kickstand to help hold up the more oddly weighted items, like the iPad in portrait mode.

If you wait until its 2011 launch, the Jorno will set you back $99. Order during the pre-order phase (here’s the product page), and they’ll cut the price down to $79.99. Given that most Bluetooth keyboards go for between $60 and $80 bucks, that doesn’t sound like too bad of a deal.