Oh look! It's the Android-powered, QWERTY-sliding HTC Lexicon… for Verizon!

Man, this week is really starting off with a bang. VLC got approved for the iPad! A shot of the BlackBerry Storm 3 leaked out! We’re only a few hours into Monday, and that’s already two solid happenings in the mobile world. It’s gonna be a good week, friends.

Here’s one more for you: Remember the HTC Lexicon? We first heard about the Lexicon and its 3.8″ display, 800Mhz, 5MP camera, and slide-out QWERTY keyboard a few weeks back. Joining us today are some more details: the carrier, and a pre-release render of the handset.

The render comes from HTC ROM resource 911Sniper, who spotted the shot in a leaked ROM upgrader utility. Unless HTC is using a placeholder here (which, by the way, they pretty much never do), it’s pretty clear where this one’s headed. Ready for another Android phone, Verizoners?

Alas, the product render above shows no signs of the QWERTY keyboard that the rumor mill assures us is there. If you happen to have a shot of this guy with its keyboard, send it on over. We’ll love you forever, and ever, and ever.

[Via AndroidGuys]