iOS 4's Folders Are Cool And All, But Check Out What Jailbreakers Get

Man! Just when we were starting to get used to using iOS 4’s folder system, the jailbreak community comes along and one-ups the whole thing. After months of work, Japanese iPhone developer ashikase has released this preview video of FolderEnhancer, a jailbreak-only modification which.. well, enhances folders.

Sure, sure — 90% of iPhone owners are probably just fine without pages in folders, sub-foldering hierarchies, multi-icon moving, and all of the other poweruser-focused goodies within FolderEnhancer. But for the other 10%: don’t worry, a jailbreak for iOS 4.1/4.2 probably isn’t too far off.

Already jailbroken? Expect FolderEnhancer to go live on Cydia “by the end of this month”, according to ashikase.

[Thanks André!]